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Evada debutó en el 22° CIFIT Sep 13, 2022

The 22nd China International Fair for Investment and Trade (“CIFIT”) ended successfully on September 11, 2022.

The CIFIT aims to promote two-way investment and has developed into one of the most influential international investment events in the world. The theme of this year's CIFIT is "Global Development: Sharing Digital Opportunities and Investing in a Green Future". There are 12 exhibition areas in the exhibition hall. Evada was invited to make its debut in Xiamen's Industrial Products (Electronics) Exhibition Area to comprehensively display the products of domestic brands. R&D strength and brand advantages, seize the opportunities of the times with innovation, and create a green digital future together.

Focusing on the theme of "investing in a green future" at this year's CIFIT, Evada brought data centers, DPS, micro-modules and other leading products to show that in recent years, adhering to the concept of "making electric power more reliable and efficient", deepening the green operation model, and practicing enterprise Green responsibility, helping to achieve the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" with practical actions, and achieved many staged development results.
The authoritative agency CCID (CCID) released the "2021-2022 China UPS Market Research Annual Report" and "2021-2022 China Micro-Modular Data Center Market Research Report", Evada both entered the list, and in 2021 China UPS mercado La marca nacional ocupa el quinto lugar, y la marca del mercado del centro de datos de micromódulos ocupa el décimo.
Durante el lanzamiento, productos estrella como los micromódulos Evada y los centros de datos recibieron mucha atención. Líderes, comerciantes e invitados extranjeros de todos los ámbitos de la vida vinieron a intercambiar y cooperar, y dibujar un plan juntos.

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